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diagnostic procedure

This Ultrasound has many medical uses and health applications, it is perhaps the most popular and preferred Test for monitring the development of the fetus in pregnant women.

Procedures Available

Upper, Lower and Whole Abdomen
Paediatric Ultrasound
Chest Ultrasound
Biophysical Profile
Follicular study for Infertility
Trans cranial for Neonatal Brain
Sonosalpiogo-graphy for Infertility
Sonomammography for Breast
Ocular B.Scan of Eyeball
Knee joint Shoulder joint
Neck for soft tissue and Vessels
Thyroid Scan
Scrotal and Penis
USG guided Aspiration and Drainage
PCN for renal stone
USG guide liver,

Renal Tumour Biopsies and FNAC
Obstetrical L1,L 2 Scan for Congenital Anomaly

*Fetal Examination

( sex determination is not done here )

*Confirmation of fetal viability
*Determining the location of fetus, intrauterine vs ectopic
*Checking location of placenta in relation to the cervix
*Checking the number of fetuses (multiple pregnancy)
*Checking major physical abnormalities.
* Fetal growth Assessment
(for evidence of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR))
*Checking fetal movement and heartbeat.

*Transvaginal Scan for Gynecological disorder

sex determination not done

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